Hi all, Welcome to my blog on all things Japanese.  Despite the fact that I have not yet travelled to Japan- I have always been impressed and inspired by so many different aspects of… Continue reading

The art of Shotokan karate

Perhaps the biggest driver for me wanting to visit Japan is that between the ages of 6-14 years old I practised Shotokan karate.  This means that I have spent just under a third of my… Continue reading

The Bucket List

Here are my 3 items on the Bucket list- 3 reasons to visit Japan!…. Mount Fuji Mount Fuji aka Fuji-san, is Japan’s tallest mountain!   It is 3,776 meters high, and considered to… Continue reading

Hello Kitty Nostalgia

              Is Hello Kitty still big amongst the little people today?  Born in London, always dressed with bow, as tall as 5 apples and weighing that equal to… Continue reading

Trendsetting Japan

I love trying to spot a good new trend – and Japan has many…. From robots to coming up with breakthrough concepts in marketing and advertising – here are a few of my… Continue reading

Japanese Toilets

I have heard so much about the techy and user friendly Japanese toilets.   I am super curious about how they work and the different functions……. At a glance- this invention looks incredibly… Continue reading

Geisha Love

Click on the image above Arthur Golden asked a Geisha: What I really wanted to know, though, was what it was like to be a geisha? Where do you sleep? What do you… Continue reading

Finding Tokyo

I am without a doubt a city girl through and through.  I love visiting villages and country-scapes on holiday breaks but I love the hustle of city life.  Tokyo is probably one of the… Continue reading

Talking Architecture, castles, temples and shrines

Now no trip to Japan would be complete without visiting some of the  shrines, temples and architecturally cutting edge buildings… Japanese shrines in the distance… Nikko Toshogu Shinto Shrine, Tochigi prefecture. Built in… Continue reading

Gardens and Bonsais

Once upon a time my uncle gave me a bonsai tree which he had received as a wedding present and asked me to look after it for 8 weeks whilst he and his newly wedded… Continue reading